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Flooring Repairs

Tips Before Starting Flooring Repairs

Wood floors are typically easy to maintain and durable; however, they can get scratched or show heavy wear. There are some steps you can take to handle flooring repairs on your own. You may notice that your floor has areas that appear to have worn away, especially in high traffic zones. You can sand these areas using fine-grade sanding paper until the floor feels smooth. Be sure to clean up all the dust from the floor thoroughly. If your floor is stained, you should apply a coat of stain and then several coats of floor urethane to the floor. If your floor is not stained, you can just use floor urethane on the floor. If you have a large number of scratches on your floor, you can use a product that cleans and polishes the floor to help reduce the appearance of the blemishes. If you have a gouge in your floor, you may need to use a filler to repair it. You will then need to sand, stain, and finish the area of the gouge.

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