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Flooring Refinishing

What to Know About Flooring Refinishing

Have you been looking at your floors and thinking they need an upgrade? It might be easier and more affordable than you think. Your first thought may be that you need a brand new flooring installation, but that is not always the case. You may be able to do a flooring refinishing project much easier. You may have a lot of untapped beauty on your existing floors. They may just need a little love and clean-up to look and feel new again.

There are some ways you can improve the appearance of your floor yourself. The first place to start is with a deep cleaning of your floor. Often when your floor is dirty, it can give the appearance that it needs a replacement. First, you want to sweep the floor, then clean it with a microfiber cloth mop and non-foaming cleaner. It is essential to know that dirt does more than sitting on top of your floor. It can scratch the floor and create knicks. This can make your floor look dingy even when it is clean. If you find that your floor has a lot of them, you should consider refinishing them.

Because of the labor-intensive process to refinish your floors, a new flooring installation may seem like the better option. When you determine that it is time to contact the professionals, the experts at Professional Flooring Inc. will have your floors looking new in no time. It will require sanding, patching, staining, and applying a topcoat. These steps are necessary, especially if you have deep gashes, scratches, and wide gaps.

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